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Sorting and packing

The sorting of apples and pears is mainly commissioned for “Smilefruit” growers and for a smaller part for individual growers that want their fruit to be handled via Stoker Vogelaar.

For this purpose we us two modern sorting machines:

  • A Perfect four track sorting machine with an integrated water unloader only for apples,
  • A Perfect three track sorting machine with a special water unloader for use for apples and pears. This machine is used for 90% for the sorting of pears.

The sorted product is then prepared in a variety of packing options such as:

  • Loose in various types of EPS, fruit boxes, IFCO’s, etc.;
  • Stacked in various types of EPS, or fruit boxes;
  • Stacked en labelled in EPS layer, low boxes or small fruit boxes;
  • Pre sorting of fruit in various sized storage boxes.

Weight and content is made to the requirement of the customer.
packing of apples and pears in bags
We can utilise a bagging machine that is capable of bagging mechanically various configurations in numbers of fruit or weight featuring a label or not.
Flowpacking of apples or pears on trays of different sizes, number of fruits or weight, likewise featuring a label or not. 
trading of apples, pears and plums
Trading is done by Wim Stoker. Sales is a cooperation between the grower (who delivers the right kind of product) and the customer. Stoker Vogelaar is the go between, the intermediator. Seeking the most optimal batch of apples or pears to meet the requirements of a customer or a customer for a specific product, is a primary task for Stoker Vogelaar. The supply of apples and pears is published weekly via mail to the market. 

Do you also wish to receive the stock list?
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