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Our team

In the year 2014 we have grown to what we are today, with a new company name, Stoker Vogelaar B.V.
The outlet group "Smilefruit" is now a tillers cooperation for which we sort, pack and distribute.

Our sorting company, Stoker Vogelaar moved to its present location in 2010, De Noorderbaan 22 in Biddinghuizen. The move was necessary for expansion and the optimisation of the internal logistic flow. This has enabled us to effectuate an optimal us of our modern sorting and packing machines. Another benefit has been the further increase in the food safety norm to the level of HACCP.

Who are we

Our production personal are responsible for all our internal processes such as placing the fruit in the appropriate packaging and is done with skill, pleasure and passion. Each order is considered as being their personal responsibility. And as it is our intention is to employ personal as much as possible living in the direct neighbourhood of our company, this stimulates local social involvement.

The production team is led by:
Marchien Reitsemacoach and link between Gerald Stoker and the production team.
Jannie Grovesteininspector, coach and link between Gerald Stoker and the production team
(Jannie is also responsible for the daily quality check of incoming and outgoing fruit).

Gerald Stokeroverall manager sorting, packaging and end responsible for quality sorteren@stokervogelaar.nl
Marchien, Jannie and Gerald are in cooperation with the production personal the specialists in our company.
To safeguard knowledge and expertise for the future, are personal follow various schooling and training opportunities.

The production team is facilitated by:
Ciska Stoker, head administration and personnel department.
Wim Stokergeneral manager sorting and sales, trading fruit and contact for growers and the grower organisation  “Smilefruit”info@stokervogelaar.nl
This is the team that makes up Stoker Vogelaar and gives it its character and appearance, the certainty that all orders are handled with skill and are processed with the highest standard to a top end product. We ensure the "Smilefruit" growers that they get the highest return on their with care and passion grown products.


Stoker Vogelaar Noorderbaan 22 8256 PR Biddinghuizen +31 (0)321-331 044Contact