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Our team

Every organic apple, pear and plum that leaves our company goes through the hands of our permanent group of production workers. They sort the organic fruit and place it in the appropriate packiging. They do this every day with knowledge, pleasure and a lot of passion. They are involved and form a real team. They consider every order as their job.
Our team is managed by the coaches and by Gerald.

Meet our team:
Marchien Reitsema, coach function, link between Gerald Stoker and the production staff, Quality Inspector
(Marchien is also responsible for the daily quality control of both incoming and outgoing fruit).
Gerald Stoker, in charge of the sorting and packaging company, ultimately responsible for the quality. 

Marchien and Gerald are in cooperation with the production staff the specialists of our company.
In order to guarantee knowledge for the future, we have staff in training for various positions.

The entire team is supported by:
Ciska Stoker, head of administration and human resources.
Wim Stoker, general management sorting and sales, buying and selling fruit, contact person to the buying trade, contact person with the fruit growers verkoop@stokervogelaar.nl.
Christa Brasser, back office employee and BRC employee
This is the team that gives Stoker Vogelaar a face and ensures that all orders are expertly accepted and processed into a high-quality end product. It is also our concern that growers receive the highest value for their carefully and passionately cultivated products.



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