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A cooperate for biological growers of apples and pears.

“Smilefruit” is a group of enthusiastic apple and pear growers. The close cooperation leads to a high quality product with a broad assortment and a continuous supply to the market.

Florian de Clerq
For five generations the family lives and works on the Clercq Estate “Olmenhorst”. After 125 years this area has become a modern dynamic organic fruit business complemented with a country store and recreation opportunities, such as self-picking, workshops and fair days.

Carl Custers
When Carl choose to form a partnership with his father Sjef, this led to a high quality enterprise. It  provided the basis for Carl’s current activities. His motto 'strength through cooperation' results in optimum organic fruit.

Hans Damen
The company Hans Damen was founded in 1965 by his father in Dronten. A biological management had not yet been achieved. In 1999 Hans took over the company and converted directly to organic fruit growing. Vulnerable apples such as Jonagold and Golden Delicious were replaced in the reconversion years by disease-resistant apples such as Topaz and Santana.

Lody van Osch
The company Lody van Osch was founded by his father in Biddinghuizen in 1970. In 1993 he took over the company. Since 1999, only Organic pears are grown. He sees it as a challenge to grow a great-tasting top product organically.

Jack Stoop
Jack is a passionate grower that is subtle busy with his product. With his craftsmanship he tries to stay a step ahead of the competition.


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