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In our opinion, sustainability goes beyond "being organic". Planet, people and economy must be in balance with each other to achieve sustainability. We already carry the EKO Quality mark since 2012. This means that in addition to meeting the European legal standards for ecological products and production methods, the product is also committed to issues around the product.
We find it very important that our employees enjoy their work. For us, sustainability also means involving personnel from the vicinity of our organisation. We see this as a win-win situation. And we contribute to strengthening the local economy.
In addition, we also hire people who are distanced from the labour market. We work together with the Municipality of Dronten. We are an official workplace of the municipality. This fits in with our sustainability policy because we allow these people to participate in the labour market and thereby give them a future again.
Of course, we are also committed to the relationship with our specialists and customers. This relationship is based on mutual trust.
Anyone who works with us will also notice that we proactively think along with you about greener solutions for fruit packaging. But we also ask our suppliers to pack as sustainably as possible. And also within our organisation, we always strive for the most sustainable solution within the boundaries set by food safety organisations.
A few examples:

  • In our sorting and packaging hall, we make use of daylight as much as possible and, where necessary, this is supplemented by LED lighting.
  • We work with our own water purification system. This enables us to save as much valuable tap water as possible.
  • Minimization of packaging materials by our suppliers.
  • Sustainable relationships with growers and customers
  • No food waste, for every piece of fruit we look for a buyer.


Sustainable and well packaged

In agreement with the customer, we use the most durable packaging. These include 100% biodegradable apple bags, foil, pulp trays and the 100% recyclable banderole packaging.



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