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Our passion

In November 1988 we, Wim and Ciska, enthusiastically started growing organic fruit. This fruit company had already switched to organic cultivation since 1981.  
In addition to growing organic fruit, we also sorted and traded the grown fruit ourselves. Because of our desire to sort our own fruit in a professional way, we bought a new sorting machine complete with water dumper in the autumn of 1999.
In that same year we also started sorting and trading the fruit of fellow growers. The sorting company, which grew out of a hobby, grew into a passionate sorting, packaging and trading company. And has become a small beauty with a vocation.
This vocation is for the fruit, grown by our organic fruit growers (the specialists),
with great care and passion to sort and prepare for our customers.
StokerVogelaar BV is a passionate company, which is "the link in organic fruit", with a deep affection for organically grown fruit.


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