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Stoker Vogelaar strives for sustainability and social benefits in the long term, for animals, plants and the environment, but also for the people in and around the company. Stoker Vogelaar is the link between the grower and customer to provide fresh and healthy fruit to customers with respect for people, society and environment.
This mission reflects our commitment in the relationship we have with each grower and customer in giving the best possible service and to provide them with the best products, information and services. For all involved in the chain, good cooperation is central without losing sight of the individual, society and environment.
To accomplish this we work with a number of values and goals.
Stoker Vogelaar is a reliable partner; deal is a deal, we do what we say and if there is a problem, we will solve it. You can rely on us as a partner and as a service!
Stoker Vogelaar is a company that is characterized by a flat and agile structure allowing ideas and innovations to be implemented quickly. Stoker Vogelaar is a family business.
As Stoker Vogelaar we are enterprising, innovative and look ahead. In our sorting we work with modern machinery and equipment, sorting by size and with a focus on sustainability. But we also seek renewal of our product range and concepts.
Stoker Vogelaar is a healthy company in many respects: we are financially sound and provide a healthy and pleasant working environment for our employees.


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