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Biological / Organic

'Organic' means as natural as possible. In organic farming there is no fertilizer, no chemical or synthetic pesticides used or genetically modified organisms. Animals are kept under most natural conditions. You cannot just call a product organic. Production must meet certain legal requirements. And this is strictly monitored for compliance.
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Organic products can be identified by the icoon of the new European organic label. Green leaf with stars. Organic farming standards are based on the preservation of the environment, nature and landscape and animal welfare. These standards apply throughout the European Union. In the Netherlands, organic products are controlled by Skal, an inspection body designated by the government.

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Dutch consumers know and appreciate the EKO label. With the introduction of the mandatory new European Organic label for organic food, the EKO label is complemented with an new dimension: the EKO label makes the extra effort for organic farms in the area of sustainability visible to consumers and customers. The EKO label (for products) is intended for entrepreneurs who are certified by Skal. There are strict rules for use of this label, the most important is that a product should consist for more than 95% of organic ingredients. EKO Foundation with BIONEXT want to work with further statutory sustainability of the already highly durable organic production. There are already more than 1,000 EKO licensees.

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Biodynamic agriculture stems from anthroposophy, a view of life in the early 20th century and was developed by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. The principle is that there is a correlation between plants, animals, soil and cosmos. For example, it aims at a cycle of own food and own manure. In addition, licensees must also comply with EU standards for organic production. Biodynamic products are recognized by the Demeter quality brand; the check is performed by Skal and the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture and Food.

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