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    A nature balance is maintained in
    the orchards. To prevent diseases or
    plagues, organic tillers use natural enemies
    to counter these; insects that consume
    harmful insects. The variation in hedgerows
    around our orchards house many natural
    counterparts sush as the ermine, 46 different
    species of birds and many, many different insects.
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    Peers are delightfully juicy and
    have a light sweet to sweet taste.
    They can be categorized into two
    groups: hand peers and cooking peers.
    Eat peers from one's hand, in fruit salads
    or as dessert. Try cooking them and fill tehm
    with curd cheese, Stilton or smoked mackerel.
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    After harvesting we sort the biological /
    organic apples in our company according
    to sieze and quality. Apples that do not
    meet the demands of the retailers are processed;
    pared for the bakery, converted to
    apple sauce or syrup, or to apple juice
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    Growers that work organic do that with reason.
    They leave the traditional path and invest in environment,
    nature, and landscape, in the wellbeing of animals and
    environmental production processes. Organic growing
    is without chemical / syntetic products or artificial fertilizers.
    Biological grown plants always have their roots in soil and
    are given the time to grow according to natures intent.
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    Dutch apples are in all colour and tastes,
    from sweet to bitter and everything in between.
    They are not only tasteful but also are full of dietary
    fibres and natural sugars. The dietary fibers take
    care of a healthy digestion and assist in the absorption
    of other important nutrients.

Bio assortment

Apples and pears

Dutch apples are there in all colours and tastes, and through 26 years of experience, Stoker Holland has gathers a large assortment with a great variation in apples and peers


We sort the apples and pears for a fixed group of growers. 

  • A Perfect four track sorting machine with an integrated water unloader only for apples,
  • A Perfect optical four track sorting machine with a special water unloader for use for apples and pears. This machine is used for 90% for the sorting of pears.
The sorted product is then prepared in a variety of packing options such as:
  • Loose in various types of EPS, fruit boxes, IFCO’s, etc.;
  • Stacked in various types of EPS, or fruit boxes;
  • Stacked en labelled in EPS layer, low boxes or small fruit boxes;
  • Pre sorting of fruit in various sized storage boxes.
  • Weight and content is made to the requirement of the customer.


A cooperate for biological growers of apples and pears.

Stoker Vogelaar works together with a group of enthusiastic apple pears and plum growers. The close cooperation leads to a high quality of our product with a wide range and continuity in sales.

  • Carl Custers
  • Florian de Clerq
  • Hans Damen
  • Lody van Osch
  • Jack Stoop
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